Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Memories, and all things eternal..

Kubler – Ross on her book on ‘death and dying’ describes the various stages of death – What begins with denial, is followed by anger, bargaining, depression and death. In my opinion, this holds true for all those who are close to that person too. We may go through these stages either prior or after the loss of that person, depending on how much time we have had to process it.
I am no expert but I think we perceive the loss of a person differently during different stages in our life and it is intermingled, may be with what is happening in our life at that point as well. But something that comes across regardless of age is the gap – the glaring gap in your life which that person filled. Funny and sad how we value the person more and understand the importance of that person more when they are no longer around. For me, the loss of my grandparents has been significant – I did spend much of my childhood with them, but now I find myself hanging on to every word, an ordinary incident that is a treasured memory, a sarcastic retort that is popular at every family gathering today, and idiosyncrasies that we associated with that person, are remembered with fondness and love today.
When I am in a deep stage of grief and regret – thinking about the ‘should haves’ – I should have spent more time, talked more, the list is endless I think. Unfortunately, it is too late and somewhere along the line, we realize it. But then – sometimes I forget that a part of them lives on – in our hearts, yes. But also,  through their daughters and sons. l smile every time I see a flash of stubbornness in my sister that is so characteristic of my grandmother; an uncle who is the spitting image of my grandfather; the calm and composure of my dad that is so reflective of his father; when I listen to a cousin sing like my grandmother; every time I see Mom exhibit the solution to all problems – a smile and soothing words, just like my grandmother! I hope there is a little bit of all my grandparents in me and that it stays that way. So yes, we do have something to be grateful for! This is my shout out to everyone to open your eyes and really look – Our loved one may not be around today and nothing can change that, but a little bit of them lives on in each one of us, and maybe, just maybe, the day may seem a bit brighter. 

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The real issue!

My Facebook Page, at a glance, represents a scene of myriad emotions. While there are some who having started praying for good weather; others for consistent performances from Indian players; and there are even those who are 'bleedin blue'; there is a set of audience which is clinically weighing India's chances tomorrow at the face - off, with our 'arch rivals Pakistan', as media describes it. Unfortunately, there are also those who have taken to demeaning the opposite side and downplaying their abilities and skills. Before I go further, I should perhaps mention that yes, I too, am one amongst this crowd -  My heart skips a beat every time a tail - end batsman lifts his bat to hit the ball high and I get the feeling it's not going to go the distance!

As Rahul Bose said in a speech recently, "We are all cricket selectors first; and then engineers, doctors, chartered accountants, etc". Somehow this statement was so profound and meant so much to me! We are so pro - active when it comes to voicing our opinions about something we are so passionate about like cricket, I wonder why we remain silent when women are raped and mauled everyday, and when we all know that terms like, 'child marriage' and 'human trafficking' are very much a reality today in India. Why are we not so vociferous about these? Why do we turn a blind eye and pretend like it doesn't exist or don't care about it until it happens to one of us , or someone we know, and sometimes, even not then?

When a country of 1.2 billion individuals stands behind and cheers on a team of eleven young men to battle it out on a cricket field and turn out in thousands and shout themselves hoarse - When we place so much trust and confidence on people we don't know or have met in person, why do we not have the confidence or the guts to stand up and give voice to the burning issues in India?

On a sidenote, I hope India wins tomorrow! :)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The unanswered questions in my life.

Why doesn’t every story have a happy ending?
Why does one have to go through heartbreak to reach the other side?
Why do we love money so much that it clouds the important things in life?
Why do we realize in college that the friends we had in school were the best... they don’t make them like that anymore
Why are our days filled with worries, our nights with regrets?
Why are we never thankful for what we have and take our blessings for granted?
Why does everyone think twice before helping another?
Why do we have inhibitions?
Why are we judgmental and prejudiced?
Why do we let a trivial thing like colour separate us?
Why is it that lakhs of men have lost their lives protecting what- 500 sq.km of land?
Why do we fall in love with the wrong people?
Why do we argue about the past and worry about the future in the present?
Why do we have such big egos that the word sorry is not part of our vocabulary anymore?
When did we last watch the sun set?
When was the last time you made coffee for your mom? 
When did we last ask our parents if they need or want anything?
Why do I sleep so much?

Sunday, April 19, 2009

The life of a physio :)

Yes, it has been quite some time since I have shown my face here, for more reasons than one. Right now the reason being that I have too much work to do and too little time to blog. Today is one of the rare Sundays where I find myself lazing around at home without anything to do. Hence this-
Well, for those who are not updated to my current status (No, I haven’t eloped), I have finally finished my Bachelors and am now a full-fledged physiotherapist. For the past month or so, I have been treating patients both at clinic and home (theirs, not mine)- the latter being for those who can’t make it to the clinic and require home care.
I was initially very uncertain, skeptical rather at how home care would work out.
Right now, all I can say is I have a blast!:) Not literally, but these people can actually get me on a high and take me through the day smiling stupidly at everyone! I mean, the hospitality is stunning! Just because I had gone to see a patient on Vishu (New Year for me), they ended up feeling so bad, that I was not even allowed to examine the patient until I had had obattu (poli/sweet chapathi, with ghee) and coffee and sat around chatting with everyone ;) All my patients are SO co-operative that they have given me the by to come and go as I please, any time of the day! I shamelessly have taken them at their word and have landed up as early as seven in the morning once or twice ( After asking them if it’s ok) Thankfully, I have not got mistaken for the milkman (yet).
I don’t know if it’s my personal charm (**preen**) or luck- to have found all these nice people who insist on giving me breakfast; people who were strangers 10 days ago and tomorrow you are invited for weddings in their family, or who, today, call me their friend and not therapist!
Yes, despite the long hours, despite the endless travelling in the heat, despite all the things that go wrong every day, I LOVE my job :) :)

Friday, October 31, 2008

Life sucks sometimes :(

After a long day at work, I was cribbing to a friend about how I am overworked and underpaid (not paid actually), when he asked me why I was cribbing when I liked what I was doing.
Well, that got me thinking-

Who likes working in hospitals?
Who likes watching patients suffer in agony and cry out in pain? Even worse- when you are the one making them cry out …
Who eagerly awaits the time when you have to talk to anxious relatives, and console them when they are moved to tears.
Who likes saying- he may get better… or not… It may take time… We don’t know when…. Well, it sucks!
It sucks to have questions thrown at you when you don’t have the answers.
It sucks that you have put in more than your best and still it’s not enough.
It sucks that some one your age is just lying there, on that bed, waiting for it to happen.. praying that today might be ‘the day’ when he might start to get his limbs back, start moving, or even start feeling them; when you are prancing around the world…
It sucks that life is just really unfair sometimes, and for people who don’t deserve it; when there are loads of shitty people just living it up!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

The NRI- Non Recognisable Indian :) :)

"It's HOT! I'm getting steamed", said Sam [alias Swaminathan]. These were his first words as he landed at Chennai airport. One would not think that Swaminathan, rather Sam hails from our very own Chennai!

An engineering graduate from a local college here, who later went on to "foreign parts" to continue his studies and did exceedingly well, is now 'flying home' to pay a 'flying visit' to his kith and kin. I, a mere bystander in the entire duration of his visit, was given cause to wonder at the so called terrible and pathetic state of shambles that our country was supposedly in. The pollution, heat, narrow roads, traffic congestion, senseless autodrivers- these were the vices of ours, which gradually became a refrain in the days to come. If Swaminathan had managed to survive and moreover revel in his first 25 years here, why is the same situation 'unbearable' for Sam?

The frequency and the intensity of Sam's complaints and cribbing increased initially frustrating the poor soul at the receiving end, causing him to retaliate in defense, but as with time the complaints took a turn towards the ridiculous, the entire scene just turned comical!

At the end of the day, rather at the end of Sam's visit, one wonders-
Have the luxuries of the West taken precedence over the feeling of belonging one has when in India?
Do the liberal ways of the yonder have a better hold on our 'NRI's when compared to the tradition and culture they have grown up with?
Can pizzas and MacD Burgers replace Home-cooked food.....

Friday, October 26, 2007

Crazy Indian Video!


This video is a definite winner!!! Guaranteed to have you in whoops of laughter :)

PS: Credits for passin me the link go to Reynah/ Sribharath :D